Want to Become a Photoshop Rockstar in One Week for Free?

Want to Become a Photoshop Rockstar in One Week for Free?

Have you fallen behind on keeping up with the tsunami of Photoshop updates and new capabilities? Or have you wanted to master this powerful tool, but you haven't been sure where to start? Well, put on your sweatpants, order in your favorite food, and thank your lucky stars, because next week, you can join Aaron Nace, Kristina Sherk, Ben Willmore and more live from your living room all week. And the best part? It's free. No, my editors did not miss this typo, it's true, and I'm here to tell you all about it. 

This year's Photoshop Virtual Summit runs from this October 30 through November 3, and it includes best-selling authors, Adobe MAX Masters, Adobe Certified Instructors, and members of the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Whether you're just starting to tinker in Photoshop, or you have years of experience under your belt, you'll have access to over 40 classes to take your skills to the next level. 

Here is the star line-up of 20 instructors for this year's Photoshop Virtual Summit

Every single training session is designed to take your Photoshop knowledge up a notch, no matter where you find yourself on the experience spectrum. For these sessions, the instructors were tasked with designing classes to be practical, and to provide tools that you can implement into your photography right away. 

Are you curious what is going to be covered? Take a look at this impressive class list. You can watch a video from each photographer talking about their classes or read the schedule below.

Day 1: Monday, October 30

  • 8:00: Using Curves in Photoshop for Tone and Color with Colin Smith  [B-I-A]
  • 9:00: Artistic Photoshop Compositing with AI-Generated Content with Sebastian Michaels  [I]
  • 10:00: The Blend Modes no one taught you! with Blake Rudis  [I]
  • 11:00: Expert Tips on Everyday Features with Ben Willmore  [A]
  • 1:00: Good Gradient! Understanding Photoshop’s new Live Gradient Tool with Kirk Nelson  [B]
  • 2:00: Mastering Masking with Lisa Carney  [B-I]
  • 3:00: 45 in 45: 45 Camera RAW tips in 45 minutes with Daniel Gregory  [B-I]
  • 4:00: Design Like a Pro: Unleash the Full Potential of Photoshop’s Tools with Theresa Jackson  [I-A]

Day 2: Tuesday, October 31

  • 8:00: Bridge Doesn’t Suck! with Matt Kloskowski  [I]
  • 9:00: Simple Tips to Basic Photo Restoration with Nicole Young  [B-I]
  • 10:00: Using Photoshop and Lightroom to Create Dramatic Black and White Seascapes with Glyn Dewis  [B-I]
  • 11:00: How to Focus Stack with Photoshop with Anthony Morganti  [I]
  • 1:00: Inspiration and Preparation with Bert Monroy  [I]
  • 2:00: Photoshop AI Overview, Tips & Tricks with Kristina Sherk  [B-I]
  • 3:00: Layers: A Designer’s Perspective with Corey Barker  [I]
  • 4:00: The Indispensable Option/Aly Key with Dave Cross  [I-A]

Day 3: Wednesday, November 1

  • 8:00: 10 Tips Every Photoshop User Should Know with Aaron Nace  [B-I]
  • 9:00: Mastering Noise Reduction with Tim Grey  [B-I]
  • 10:00: Pro Editing Techniques for Photoshop 2024 with Jesús Ramirez  [A]
  • 11:00: Composite Artistry for Beginners with Theresa Jackson  [B]
  • 1:00: AI vs your favorite Superhero with Kirk Nelson  [I-A]
  • 2:00: The Magnificent Mixer Brush (Painting in Photoshop!) with Sebastian Michaels  [I]
  • 3:00: WTF? What is Photoshop’s problem today? with Daniel Gregory  [B-I]
  • 4:00: Secret Lair: Hidden Features of Photoshop’s Layers Panel with Khara Plicanic  [I-A]

Day 4: Thursday, November 2

  • 8:00: TextCraft: Photoshop Type Effects and Beyond with Khara Plicanic  [I]
  • 9:00: Using Generative Fill for Compositing with Colin Smith   [B-I]
  • 10:00: Creating and Modifying Brushes with Bert Monroy  [I]
  • 11:00: Crafting your own Custom LUTs and Profiles in Photoshop with Nicole Young  [I-A]
  • Noon: Nigel French Bonus Session - VIP Exclusive
  • 1:00: Motion Effects for Social Media with Corey Barker  [I]
  • 2:00: Retouching / Color Matching with Lisa Carney  [I]
  • 3:00: Understanding Neural Filters with Anthony Morganti  [B]
  • 4:00: Advanced Photoshop 2024 Techniques You Need to Know with Jesús Ramirez  [A]

Day 5: Friday, November 3

  • 8:00: Frequency Separation Explained - Finally! with Kristina Sherk  [A]
  • 9:00: Tone Theory - It’s more valuable than 255 with Blake Rudis  [B]
  • 10:00: Crafting the Landscape Photograph with Ben Willmore  [I]
  • 11:00: Complex Layer Masks with Tim Grey  [I-A]
  • 1:00: Matching Color and Lighting for Composite Images with Aaron Nace [A]
  • 2:00: Photoshop for Wildlife Photographers with Matt Kloskowski  [I]
  • 3:00: The Color Conundrum: How to Manipulate Color in Photoshop with Glyn Dewis  [B-I]
  • 4:00: Painterly Effects in Photoshop (with AI and more) with Dave Cross  [B-I]

The classes are completely free, and you can sign up for the pass here. There is also an option to purchase a VIP pass. 

This pass gives you lifetime access to rewatch all 40 sessions, anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. It also gives you exclusive bonuses, including class notes, videos, and resources from each instructor. I purchased the pass, as I know I will want to come back to the tutorials when I am applying the techniques in my work. I also want the actions, cheat sheets, and notes from the instructors. If you're interested, you can find out more about the VIP pass here, or, you can simply enjoy the free access. 

One of my favorite Photoshop instructors ,Kristina Sherk, told me this about the Summit,

While I’m honored to call myself an instructor in this amazing free online event each year, what excites me more, is the opportunity it gives me to learn. No event comes close to the enormous Photoshop knowledge that these instructors possess, and I love learning from each of them. By attending the Photoshop Virtual Summit, you’re guaranteed to learn new, faster techniques and new tools you never knew existed.

I am beyond excited to get caught up with the latest developments and brush up on some new techniques. What classes do you have your eye on? I'm very curious about the classes which touch on AI, and I also feel like they planted a bug in my office on some of these classes. 

There is a class on the upgrade of the new Gradient Tool. That new feature drives me absolutely nuts! I'll be curious to know if I'm using it wrong. "Bridge doesn't suck" with Matt Kloskowski (but it really does, or maybe I need to take this class?)

I hope you can join me there, and if you can't, you can click "Follow" next to my signature in the bottom to catch my summary article after a week of learning. Leave a comment below if you'll be attending and which class you're most excited about. 

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