Shutter Speed Explained Better Than You've Ever Seen Before

Why are movies shot at 24 frames per second? How does rolling shutter work? What is electronic first curtain shutter? All of these things and more are answered by our YouTube superhero.

Captain Disillusion needs no introduction if you've ever spent enough time sleuthing around YouTube. His quarterly uploads are a kind of celebration for many folks in the space. This week's video goes in-depth regarding shutter speed. Starting with the history, delving into shutter angle, and eventually leading to what shutter speed does in modern cameras, all while trying to solve the problems we created. While this does primarily focus on video aspects, many of these topics parallel the photography world. Did you know electronic first curtain shutter had an effect on bokeh? I didn't, but then again, I'm a landscape photographer, and bokeh isn't really in my vocabulary.

This is part of their series on the building blocks to motion picture. While approached in a very casual manner, you can tell the captain puts a lot of time and effort into these videos, especially this particular video on shutter speed. There were a few explanations within this video that I didn't quite understand fully until they were simplified down, all while being packaged into a wonderfully entertaining presentation.

Don't let the sweatpants and gloves fool you; Captain Disillusion means business. I guarantee you'll want to watch more after this one.

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Alex Armitage has traveled the world to photograph and film some of the most beautiful places it has to offer. No matter the location, perfecting it's presentation to those absent in the moment is always the goal; hopefully to transmute the feeling of being there into a visual medium.

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