Make Your Cart Go Releases Stronger Wheels, Inovativ Partnership

Make Your Cart Go Releases Stronger Wheels, Inovativ Partnership

The motorized cart wheel manufacturer has refreshed their line-up, making for a smarter offering.

Make Your Cart Go originally debuted single- and double-wheel options, and the choice of 24-volt or 48-volt battery selections. Now, while the battery options are the same, they no longer sell single wheel options.

Instead, they’re focusing their efforts on their higher-end customers. The top option now comes with a 52-volt battery that they claim will last for a week of regular use. They’ve also updated the throttle, which is now aluminum and features a reverse function.

Inovativ has partnered with Make Your Cart Go and built upon their platform. If you want a turnkey solution, the new motorized Apollo cart is the perfect product. In addition, you can also purchase the base of the new cart and attach your existing top shelf.

Inovativ hasn’t released the price yet. I assume it sits around $8,000 – the combined price of an Apollo and the top Make Your Cart Go kit. Not cheap, and possibly the most tricked-out cart on the planet.

While the higher end of the market is a focus for now, I’d love to see some support for Adicam. They’re more popular in Europe, and most of their models are more nimble on location than a Yaeger cart anyway. Again, I’d suspect that rentals will be the key market for this. I know I’d want the option available if I was shooting in Edinburgh or San Francisco.

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I love my DigiPlate, even though I'll always be annoyed that I had to apply the 3m Rubber on a $80 DigiClamp, premium product and yet I'm having to do the finish work. This pricing is insane.