A Review of the Nikon NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S Lens

The 400mm focal length is highly favored among wildlife and sports photographers, with prices ranging from below $1,000 to well above $10,000, depending on the lens' image quality and the photographer's requirements. Nestled within this price spectrum is the Nikon NIKKOR Z 400mm f/4.5 VR S. This informative video review explores the lens, offering insights into its real-world performance and the kind of image quality it delivers.

The Best Beginner Flash Photography Kit In 2024

With so many different products on the market, it's easy to get lost in trying to pick the perfect one for you. So many brands, so many modifiers, and so much to learn. What if there was an almost perfect kit for beginners? Well, this might just be it.

Advanced Editing Techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop

Transforming an ordinary photo into an extraordinary one using post-processing tools is a skill that defines a capable photographer. This helpful video tutorial will show you some useful techniques to create a compelling edit.

Try This The Next Time You Are at a Beach 

Ever get stuck looking for photographic ideas when the conditions or timing of your shoot aren't right, or perhaps you are at a location for a day and need to find things to do and photograph after sunrise and before sunset? Try this technique to not only challenge your photographic eye, but to also help you learn something new should the situation arise again anytime soon.

A Review of the Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 Lens

Viltrox has recently gained recognition for its production of budget-friendly, high-quality lenses. Their PRO Series AF 27mm f/1.2 Pro lens is a standout, offering a 40mm equivalent focal length and a wide maximum aperture for APS-C users, making it a versatile option for a wide range of needs and applications. This detailed video review explores the lens's performance and image quality in a variety of situations.

A Review of the New Panasonic Lumix S 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

The new Panasonic Lumix S 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens is remarkably small and portable for what it offers, making it an intriguing option for macro and portrait work alike. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance image quality you can expect from it in usage.

We Review the GFX100 II Medium Format Mirrorless Camera: Fuji’s Marvel

With the amount of technological advancements that we’ve come to expect, or in some cases demand, from camera manufacturers, where can they go without simply making a camera that does everything for you? All manufacturers, of any worth, are continually enhancing the features of their cameras. Fujifilm is one of these manufacturers, with one of the highest pixel count APS-C sensors, and their range of affordable medium format cameras puts pressure on other manufacturers to keep up in some aspects

Embracing the Blur: The Art of Unsharp Photography

The level of sharpness in a photo shapes the aesthetic and emotional impact of an image. While sharpness is often equated with photographic quality, the deliberate use of softness or blur can convey a unique, compelling visual story.

Which Camera Is Right for You?

Deciding on the right camera to purchase can be an overwhelming task for many photographers, both amateur and professional. This video addresses this common dilemma, offering invaluable insights that go beyond the usual gear-focused discussions, making it a must-watch for anyone looking to make an informed camera purchase.

Is This the Worst Camera Ever Made? Fstoppers Reviews the Kenko Tokina DSC Toy Camera Pieni II

If you follow my TikTok or my YouTube shorts, you’ll know I have a thing for toy cameras. Over the years, I’ve picked up quite a few cool and quirky film cameras that I love to shoot with. When I saw earlier this year that Kenko had released a tiny toy digital camera, I had to try it. Before using it, I wondered if it could create unique images. After seeing the results, I'm left wondering: is this the worst camera ever made?

Three High-End Maternity Lighting Setups

Maternity photography is a special genre that captures the beauty and significance of motherhood. The right lighting can transform a simple photo into an evocative image that encapsulates the beauty and strength of expectant mothers. This fantastic video tutorial will show you three such lighting setups.

6 Essential Tips for Street Photography

Street photography, an ever-popular genre, offers photographers a canvas to capture the spontaneity and rhythm of urban life. Its significance lies in its ability to tell compelling stories through candid moments, making it an essential skill for photographers looking to explore the nuances of everyday life in urban settings or improve their work in genres that demand a similar eye, such as wedding photography. This helpful video discusses six tips sure to improve your street images.

What Is Bokeh and Why Are So Many Photographers Obsessed With It?

Bokeh, a term derived from the Japanese word "boke," meaning "blur," is central to the aesthetic quality of photography and videography. This phenomenon creates a soft, pleasing effect that can significantly enhance the visual storytelling of a photo or video.

You Don't Need To Constantly Change Your Composition

I begin with a story about a location nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Cork, Ireland, where there lies the ancient friary ruin of a monastic settlement—a scene that, despite its historical roots, breathes life through the ever-changing interplay of light, atmosphere, and clouds. In the pursuit of capturing the feeling of this timeless location, I embarked on a photographic challenge that spanned two hours leading up to sunset. The unique challenge? To take 10 shots from the exact same composition, without altering my camera position or perspective.

How to Create Dreamy Light for Landscape Photos in Lightroom

In the realm of landscape photography, post-processing can transform a good image into a great one, and that means mastering tools like Lightroom is essential. This helpful video tutorial will show you a useful technique for making dreamy light in a landscape image using the program.

Mastering Perspective and Focus: A Deep Dive into Tilt-Shift Lenses

Tilt-shift lenses offer unique capabilities, transforming images with unparalleled control over focus and composition. This is particularly vital for photographers who demand precision in architectural and landscape photography, where maintaining straight lines and selective focus is key. They're also fantastic creative tools. This helpful video will show you everything you need to get started with them.

Why Photography Is the Perfect Hobby for Older People

Photography, a hobby often celebrated for its universal appeal, holds a special charm for older individuals. Embracing the art of photography can be a particularly rewarding pursuit for those in their golden years, offering a unique blend of creative expression, mental stimulation, and physical activity, all of which are key components to a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle in later life.

How to Use TTL Mode on a Speedlight

Understanding how to effectively use speedlights is crucial for capturing high-quality images in various settings, from weddings to family events. Speedlights offer photographers a compact, versatile lighting solution that enhances the quality of their work, especially in fast-paced and low-light environments. The helpful video tutorial will get you started working with one.

Breaking Free from Technical Obsession in Photography

In professional photography, developing a personal style and understanding industry trends is as crucial as mastering the technical skills. This important video challenges you to think beyond technical proficiency and consider your unique artistic voice and how it resonates with your audience.

Choosing Between the Nikon Z9 and Z8 for Wildlife Photography

Choosing the right camera is crucial to capturing those once-in-a-lifetime shots in wildlife photography. For Nikon shooters, the Z8 and Z9 are excellent options, albeit with some notable differences. This helpful video review takes a look at both to help you choose the right one for your work.

A Review of the Astounding Fujifilm GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR Lens

Typically, medium format lenses have smaller aperture sizes compared to full frame lenses, making it uncommon to find one with an aperture wider than f/2. However, the Fujifilm GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR stands out in this regard, as explored in this detailed video review. The review takes a deep look at the lens' capabilities, highlighting its image quality and performance in real-world scenarios.

Lightroom Classic: Essential Customization Tips

Understanding the nuances of Lightroom Classic can significantly streamline a photographer's workflow and open up new creative possibilities. In an era where workflows demand both creativity and efficiency, mastering modern editing applications becomes indispensable. This is especially true when considering the software's vast customization options, which can significantly enhance a photographer's editing process.

Do You Know Earth's Hidden Stories?

Photography, at its essence, is a pursuit that is more than the mere act of capturing images; it is a journey into the heart of the world's hidden stories. In landscape photography, the scenery before our lenses often serves as a subject for stories written not by pen but by the patient hands of geological forces. This exploration takes us beyond the actual beauty of landscapes, urging us to unravel the details of Earth's geological history.

Clarity, Dehaze, and Texture: Mastering These Lightroom Tools

Mastering the nuances of photo editing can transform an average image into an extraordinary one. In photography, the ability to subtly manipulate elements like clarity, dehaze, and texture is fundamental to enhancing image quality and bringing a creative vision to life.

Balancing Blues in Photography: A Guide to Better Color Management

Color management is a critical skill that can significantly impact the final outcome of an image. Mastering this aspect of photography is especially important when dealing with colors that subtly influence a photo's mood and tone, such as blue. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to carefully manage the blue hues in your photos to produce a more polished final product.

One of the Least-Known but Most Useful Sliders in Lightroom

Lightroom is an intricate program with dozens of controls, and among all those options, a few hidden gems are waiting for you. This excellent video tutorial takes a look at one of the least-known but useful sliders.

The Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Guide

Photoshop's keyboard shortcuts offer an invaluable tool for photographers, streamlining their workflow and increasing efficiency. These shortcuts, often underutilized, can significantly reduce editing time and simplify complex tasks, making them a crucial aspect for any serious photographer.

Is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro a Good Camera in 2024? — Fstoppers Review

As an avid advocate for iPhone photography, I have written a ton of articles on the matter. However, I never reviewed the actual device I am using for my photos. Having had it for a year, it's time to give the iPhone 14 Pro a long-term review, as well as answer the question of upgrading to the 15 Pro.

A Review of the Impressive Samyang AF 35-150mm f/2-2.8 Lens

The Samyang AF 35-150mm f/2-2.8 lens brings a remarkable combination of a wide range of focal lengths and large maximum apertures at a surprisingly budget-friendly price. This makes it a compelling choice for photographers specializing in weddings, events, sports, and portraits. But how does it hold up in real-world use? This detailed video review delves into the lens's performance and the quality of images it produces.

Mastering Minimalist Snowy Landscapes

Capturing the essence of a snowy landscape presents unique challenges and opportunities for photographers. The tranquility and minimalism offered by a snow-covered scene can transform an ordinary location into a unique visual story with the right approach. This helpful video tutorial will give you useful advice on how to shoot and edit such scenes.

A Look at Three Generations of Canon Nifty Fifty Lenses

The 50mm f/1.8 lens, often dubbed the "nifty fifty," is a cornerstone in a photographer's growth, celebrated for its versatility and natural field of view. Its popularity stems from its ability to closely mimic the human eye's perspective, its wide aperture, and its affordable price. This fun video takes a look at three generations of Canon's nifty fifty lenses.

The Best Card I Have Ever Used! My Review of the Exascend 1 TB CFExpress Type A Card

Just over two months ago, I traveled to the Isle of Mull in Scotland to review Exascend's 360 GB CFExpress Type A card, which I absolutely adored. I have now been sent the 1TB version of the card, which offers even more in performance, so last week I took a trip to a local hide to photograph Kingfishers. Let's see how I got on.

The Real Reason Gear Matters

Photographic equipment, often perceived as the key to getting better shots, serves a more nuanced role in the creative process. Understanding this relationship between gear and creativity is not only essential for new photographers looking to evolve but also for those questioning the impact of their equipment on their work. This insightful video addresses the dilemma faced by many photographers: balancing the allure of new technology with the essence of creativity.

Unveiling Hidden Gems: Photography in Your Backyard

Photography, often associated with grand landscapes and exotic locations, holds a special charm when practiced close to home. This localized approach to photography not only offers convenience but also allows photographers to explore and capture the unique beauty of their immediate surroundings.

This Photoshop Technique Will Blow Your Mind

In a recent article, I showed you how to create mist and atmosphere in Lightroom using a clever combination of masks, contrast, and dehaze. It worked great for woodland photos yet involved some manual masking. Today, I show you an even simpler technique for adding atmosphere in Photoshop.

Crafting Misty Landscapes: A Guide to Artificial Fog in Lightroom

Creating artificial fog in Lightroom Classic offers photographers another tool to enhance the mood and depth of their images. This technique is particularly useful for adding a mystical or ethereal quality to landscapes, elevating the visual narrative of the scene.

Why Canon Users Should Own an EF-EOS R Lens Adapter

The transition from DSLR to mirrorless cameras was a significant shift in the photography world. For many photographers, particularly those heavily invested in DSLR lenses, the transition raised concerns about compatibility and the potential need for expensive new gear. Canon users need not worry, though, as there is a useful and affordable accessory that will make your life much easier.

Harnessing Harsh Light: Transforming Challenges Into Compelling Portraits

Mastering the use of light is essential in portrait photography. Harsh light, often seen as a challenge, can actually be a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled photographer. This awesome video tutorial will show you how to harness harsh light to create a compelling portrait.

New Ohio Legislation Seeks to Shield 'Kidfluencers' From Financial Exploitation

A prominent TikToker has thrown their support behind a proposed Ohio legislation designed to safeguard child influencers from potential economic exploitation by their parents. This new bill, recently introduced to the Ohio House, seeks to establish labor laws specifically for "kidfluencers" to ensure they are fairly compensated for their online presence and contributions.

A Detailed Review of the Sony a9 III Mirrorless Camera

The Sony a9 III, boasting the world's first full frame global shutter sensor, is a groundbreaking advancement in photography, offering the unprecedented ability to capture 120 raw 24-megapixel full frame photos per second. This feature alone sets a new standard for photographers specializing in fast-paced fields like sports and wildlife, where missing a moment is not an option.

A Review of the Impressively Affordable TTArtisan AF 35mm f/1.8

At just $149, the TTArtisan AF 35mm f/1.8 offers APS-C users a lot of versatility at an extremely affordable price, making it an intriguing option for a lot of users. This excellent video review takes a look at the lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

Everything Has Changed: 4 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Photographer in 2024

I consider fashion to be one of the most difficult industries to break into. There is no clear pathway, and you are not really taught how to do it. Moreover, every photographer has to almost invent their own pathway. In this article, I will talk about my path as a fresh fashion photographer and give tips on how to succeed in the industry.

Moving From Photographic Imitation to Innovation

Photography transcends the mere act of capturing image; it is an art form where personal vision and creativity play pivotal roles. This video documents the journey from budding professional to accomplished photographer, emphasizing the importance of developing a unique style, with insights that are invaluable for photographers striving to carve out their distinct space in a crowded field.

5 Easy Way to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Photographers are always seeking ways to enhance their skills and artistry. If you'd like to improve your landscape images, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced landscape photographer sharing five sure ways to improve your work.