Acrylic Prints From ZNO: A Must Try

Acrylic Prints From ZNO: A Must Try

One of the best ways to display your work is by creating acrylic prints of them. Be it your own desire or a client wanting to go extra on their last photoshoot, acrylic-mounted prints are one of the best ways to create physical copies of your images. In this article, we will see how you can use client galleries to prompt your clients to purchase acrylic prints and display them on your wall.

Having done a fair number of personal shoots, I was often asked to create a small album for the client, as well as print a few images in large sizes to display on the wall. Alongside this, I’ve been fortunate enough to document several pregnancies and families over my career. One of the things I always love including is a large acrylic print. But it’s been a challenge to find a lab the provides acrylic prints at a quality and price point that makes sense. Luckily I found a lab that checks all the boxes for acrylic prints, which is Zno. I love all the options that their acrylic style prints offer.


Creating an online photo gallery solves the problem of the client going to and back with the selection. They can pick the print they want to use and seal the deal online. And Zno offers a great solution for doing that with Zno Gallery. Their gallery was made to help photographers deliver professional results and present their work in the most profitable way possible. Client galleries from Zno present the user with a great opportunity to do the selections hassle-free from the comfort of their computer, without having to nag the photographer for opinions and ideas.

Having completed the selection, the client can then order the images they want to be printed, including prints with acrylic. Let’s talk about the benefits of when the client orders acrylic prints. There is a plethora of ways to get prints from Zno, from the simple lustre print in a small size, which would be perfect for an album, to a large, gallery-quality acrylic print that will be passed on through generations like a baroque painting. Fortunately, Zno’s print quality is at the level of high-end print production, which means that you are investing in a good print and offering your clients a quality product.

What is an Acrylic Print?

What does acrylic print even mean? Basically, it is a print that is mounted behind a layer of acrylic glass, thus protecting it from damage and elements. Remember that time climate activists threw canned soup at Van Gogh's paintings? Well, the painting was fine because it was protected by such glass. Not only does an acrylic layer protect your print, it also allows it to look more expensive and high-end. Available in a range of sizes, acrylic prints from ZNO are a great addition to the roster of services you give to your clients.

Final Thoughts

Acrylic prints are a great investment for your personal work or for client deliverables. They make a statement in an interior. In fact, I had several interior designers approach me in order to buy such prints for their clients. And if you are often going back and forth with the client about the selections, just use Zno's software, which will also let the client order prints. All you need to do is upload the images and let Zno do the rest.


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